Open standard web publishing
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Answers to technical questions

How do I install SVGmaker?

Instructions for installing SVGmaker are on the Download page for each product. There, you can download the SVGmaker installation program. Run the installation program on your computer and follow the wizard to install SVGmaker for your output device.


How do I configure the SVGmaker driver?

After you have installed SVGmaker, in your Windows Printers Folder, right-click on the SVGmaker icon and select Printing Preferences.

For detailed explanations of SVGmaker setting options, click the Help button on the About/Help tab.


How do I configure my application program to work with SVGmaker?

In your application program, configure the Page Size and Orientation to suit your drawing. Then configure SVGmaker to use the same settings for Page Size and Image Orientation.

Note: If you are using AutoCAD, configure AutoCAD to use a printer called ADI System Printer. This is a special setting in AutoCAD that routes output to the System Printer Driver. Select the SVGmaker driver as your System Printer.