Open standard web publishing
from standard PC programs

Suitable for

  • Service providers
  • System architects
  • System integrators
  • Software engineers

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2003 or 2008 or
  • Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • (32 and 64 bit versions supported)

Works with

  • Office 2003 - 2010
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Other standard Windows programs

Download SVGmaker Content Server V3.5
for 32 bit Windows

Download SVGmaker Content Server V3.5
for 64 bit Windows


A. Install SVGmaker Content Server

  1. Click the appropriate button above to download the software and save it to your desktop or your hard drive.
  2. Run the file you downloaded by double-clicking it on your desktop or in Windows Explorer.

B. Configure Office and Acrobat

  1. Make sure you have Office 2003 or higher with the latest Office updates, and the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Configure Office and Acrobat according to the settings in the SVGmaker Content Server Guide For Integrators.

C. Configure Despatcher

  1. Click Start > Programs > SVGmaker Content Server > Despatcher to launch the Despatcher shell, or double-click the Despatcher icon on the desktop.
  2. Set a Watch Folder and a Destination Folder.
  3. Click the Start Transcoding button to activate Despatcher. When files are moved into the Watch Folder, they'll be transcoded by SVGmaker Content Server and the output files written to the destination folder.

D. Transcode files

  1. Drag and drop Office files onto the Despatcher window or copy files to the Watch Folder from Windows Explorer, or send files to the Watch Folder programatically with another process.
  2. Alternatively, leave Despatcher out and call SVGmaker Content Server transcoding services from your own code using C. Java, or .NET libraries. See examples in C:\Program Files\SVGmaker Content Server V3\Samples